Does 13 years long enough to master English Language?

From one of the article that I read in NSTP dated 23rd Sept 2011, the writer mentioned that in average schooling time, students spent 1300 hours for 13 years to learn English. Is that good enough to master English language? Perhaps Malaysia Education Ministry should rethink about teaching hours for English language in school.

There are four major skills in learning any language – listening, reading, speaking and writing. These are the basic foundation that any human being on earth should learn when they learn any language, not only English Language.
Does 2 ½ hours each week are good enough to produce a school leaver with good command of English? And does 2 ½ hours enough to make them survive during undergraduate time?

In my humble opinion, the hours that they learn English in school does not give that much impact to them. The biggest impact will come in when they do not have any effort to improve themselves, the main destruction is when students’ take things for granted. Students’ just can’t rely on others for our own benefits and our own future success.

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