WEEK 6 (20th Oct 2011) – Ethics and Acts

In everything that we do, we are always reminded about the ethics of our acts. What is right and what is wrong, but all this has been drawn and shaped by the society. When we do not follow what the society has decided as ‘the right thing’ we will be labeled this and that or be labeled as abnormal. Ethics usually related to cause of interest or personal interest and in ethics, do we share the same privileges? And how do we define ethics? And how do we look at it? And I wonder what if our definition and opinion regarding this differ from the typical one? What will happen to us? Will we be arrested under ISA? Or we will be band? Or else?

In one of the article that I read in Malaysia Kini, published on 6th Oct 2011, the article is discussing about Hudud and the Prime Minister action about this. In the article, the writer did not address the prime minster with his actual title, but the writer just address him as Najib. Does this ethical? In my humble opinion, if it happens that I have a title and people do not address me, I would not mind, because what really matters is my actual name that my parents gave it to me.

I most part of the article, the writer keep on using sarcasm and irony to criticize the PM and some people do not like this and this will be an impolite act, but the writer is writing the truth. But not everyone can accept the truth.


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