WEEK 7 (3rd November 2011) Audience

First consideration that any writer should take into account will be the audience. Audience is the centre of attraction because without them no one will acknowledge what the writer writes. Identifying the audience is crucial, also writer should look into their target group, they can’t just write for everyone, because everyone will be in a long list of categorisation. Writer should identify the audience and the target group because these are some of the guidance that can help them to produce or write better.

In reference to the article title ‘Muslims must know DAP’s hudud stand’ (NSTP – Oct 8, 11) the writer focuses on:

1- Muslim’s who wants to join DAP
2- The individual that have their stand on religious matters / people who concern about Islamic principles
3- DAP members who support hudud
4- All parties in Pakatan
5- people in Kelantan that want hudud to be implemented in their state

The writer did not explain further about what is hudud, and if this law will be implemented and how will people goes about it. He/She has omitted this important piece of explanation. Why? Did he/she do this on purpose? Definitely not! This issue has been discussed on and off since 1992. He/She assume that the audience will have basic information about Hudud Law as on of the Islamic Law that has clearly stated in the Holy Quran.

** All video attached explains further on Hudud via video for audience better understanding. Listen carefully to the voice tone because by using certain tone, audience can feel the interest of the speaker regarding this matter. The body language that they used also expresses their concern about the implementation of Hudud in Malaysia.

Pakatan Hudud discomfort

Ridhuan Tee: Hudud has to be implemented ‘by force’

DPM: Malaysia not yet ready for hudud

Najib: Hudud row exposes Pakatan’s flaws

Wallahualam bi shawab

‘Muslims must know DAP’s hudud stand’


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