WEEK 8 (10th Nov 2011) – Source and Editing

Editing is one of the processes of journalism because sometimes there is a need for writer to edit, and check on the style of writing, capitalization, abbreviations, and punctuations. All these will attract the public attention. Writer need to edit for briefness, have to watch for what happen? What does the story need to tell? Does the story have redundancy? repetitions and etcetera.

I have select one article from The Malaysia Insider title Hudud as a right and democratic manifestation by Zulqarnain Lukman and for the article is quite lengthy and wordy. The article is basically an opinion wrote by the writer based on Art Harun article. The article is mainly about the obstacle in the constitution for Hudud implementation. Below is the shorten version of the two pages article.

The opposition to Hudud based on the Constitution is secular and it is the barrier that we are facing in order to implement the God-inspired laws. Art Harun argued that the state has no power to implement Hudud because it is not under their legislation and it is obviously falls under the federal law. No one should argue on this fact. He also said that our constitution should not be influenced by the Reid Commission and did not say anything on the matter. IN order for a constitution to survive, it must move together with the time and adapt to the reality.
It appears, Hudud to be implemented in Kelantan is a long request and as a democratic constitution the Federal Constitution must be read and implemented along this line. For one thing, Kelantan has made it clear on their stand and it has in mind is just for Muslims in the state. This can be made crystal clear in the Federal legislations such as the Penal Code. He also highlighted that our constitution has to respond to the popular will, especially when it has been expressed openly in all sort of media.


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