WEEK 9 (17th November 2011) Agenda

Agenda or motive is the x-factor of why an article was produced. People write for many purposes and one of them will be personal interest. The article wrote may change people opinion and people understand about certain issues. In reference to the article in NSTP dated September 30, 2011 titled ‘Hudud issue may cost Pas in long run’, the writers definitely wants the reader to acknowledge others opinions regarding this matter. For example, the writers have selected three people and interviewed them regarding this issue, and all of them are academician from same field.

    The academician agreed on one thing, which is the implementation of hudud by Pas will caused them a long run. They agreed that hudud issue is more on political propaganda since the election is around the corner. This explains the actual condition on hudud implementation. The cause or agents of this issue will obviously be the opposition because they are trying to get attentions from the ‘rakyat’. The academician also highlighted that the implementation issue is lack of consensus visibly demonstrates that the competing interest and options still exists within the other opposition parties.

But somehow, in the later part of the article, the writers have stated the solution by the opposition party that they will do the implementation starting with one state and Kelantan will be the first state that will implement the hudud law once the general election is over. The Spiritual Leader of the opposition said that the law cannot be implemented yet because the Federal Government has stops them for doing so.

    In a nut shell, the writers are framing on the effect that the implementation issue of the Hudud Law is not that clear because it is more on political influence on the implementation rather than doing the implementation for real.

    Political events:
    Issues: Implementation of hudud because it is an Islamic Law and nearly half Malaysians is Muslims
    Actors: The opposition


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