WEEK 12 (8 December 2011) Hudud and Radio

For the past years, main stream media especially the print media have feed the society on the information related to hudud and its implementation of this law in Malaysia. But somehow the issue has been made politically even though it is a religion issues. And with the revolution of the new media, this issue has been widely discussed through the media. It has been discussed in blogs and even YouTube.

Radio also can be used as one of the alternative platform on educating the society related to the hudud implementation in Malaysia. Since we are living in a multicultural, multilingual and multination country the awareness on this matter can be widely discussed through the radio. The listeners can call and give their opinion regarding this matter. This issue also can me broadcast widely in all of the local radio station in Malaysia such as Fly FM, Era FM and Minal FM. This should be discussed in these radio stations because it is a nation issues.

Besides meeting the needs of such emergency, radio/T. V. stations are expected to provide the necessary incentive and guidance for the presentation of local problems and suggest their solution; for instance, need for repair of roads, installation of new industries, highlighting the Government policy in the matter of facilities available for different sectors of development in the community and the towns, etc.


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