This is something new for me. I never knew that Malaysian teenagers are so fond of anime these days. But this is the other part of the Malaysian youth that I did not know about. Their level of obsession towards anime is very high and they are very crazy about anime. I thought that anime is so oldschool because we used to talk about it during out undergraduate time and that will be in 2009, but surprisingly, it still exist until now. So, this is what teenagers in Malaysia is involve with and I salute their level of creativity!

Brief information about anime, it is originated from Japan and the earliest know anime was in 1917 and were developed by Osamu Tezuka and since then anime were widely know in and outside Japan.  In 1930’s anime or also known as animation have become an alternative way of storytelling, from the traditional way of story telling to something more interesting and colourful. Anime were not a successful animation when they first started because they have their competitor which is The Walt Disney Company’s. But, slowly they grow again and get back on the animation track buy adapting some animation-techniques from Disney and they have reduce their costs to limit the numbers of frames in production. And today manga or anime were a success of the Japanese animation line.

*the source of information was taken from wikipedia
*pictures were taken by me on the 9th of June at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)



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