“Call Me Maybe” / “Payphone” MASHUP!

this is FUN!


It is always hard to understand these three things: when is the time to let things go, which things to let go and how to let them go.

Faizal Tahir Hanyut – Final AJL 25

Faizal Tahir won the best performance for Anugerah Juara Lagu (25th Music Award). This is one of my favourite song from his Adrenalin album.

Ahmad Faizal bin Mohammad Tahir or FT is one of the well known Malaysian local artist. Previously he was one of the group members of Nirwana (local nasyeed group). I met him before when his group performed in one of  the MCIIUM event and I am one of the commitee members of the event. At that time, no one knew him and I don’t like him (for me he is just another Malaysian guy.lol) at that time but after sometime he has found his muse. From nasyeed genre to rock and ballad that is the turning point of FT’s music career.  Some people might not like him because of the changing of the genre thingy but with his determination, he just ignore the critiques from the society and peruse in the things that he believe in. Well, as an artist you will have lovers and hates.

SO, THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS… in life you must decide what you want. Don’t let people judgement influence your life decision.

p/s: I LOVE his voice so much!xoxo