to work or not to work

It is so hard to live without having monthly income. So, I decided to go back to work at my old place. I have called my boss secretary and inform her about this. She said that she will call me once the boss is at the office. I’m not sure either it is a right decision for me to do because I;m still have one semester to go in order to finish my master. I still have to complete another four subjects to complete and last but not least is the CE exam. But money IS EVERYTHING. So, I will make my live more pathetic when I have to work, study and play at the same time (play will definitely with my beloved 60D). No matter what happen, I will still do wedding photography and videography because that is my cup of tea 🙂 

So, basically my plan will be, yes of cause work and my work will end at 5:30 pm and need to rush to UPM before my 6 pm class. I think I can manage that. Hmmm….the major question will be either I can cope with all four subjects plus the working pressure, well you will never know until you try


Lets face my fear and try new things. No one will live in a prefect life, so it is not wrong to be wrong


Cheers! xoxo


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