Photography Jumpstart – From Zero to Hero


Name: Saluddin bin Ismail
Allocation: RM 80,000
Project: Photography Jumpstart – From Zero to Hero

Students outside the urban area often do not have many choices in terms of career pursuit due to the lack of guidelines and encouragement. Using a different approach with the children’s future in mind, Saluddin aims to develop their potentials and give them an alternative for a different career – Photography.


Photography Jumpstart – Zero to Hero is a project to educate and to promote photography to selected underprivileged students in the rural areas. This project will focus on marginalized secondary school students and they will be given free tutorials on how to operate digital cameras and techniques in taking quality photographs.


Of late, photography seems to be a much sought after industry. Photography Jumpstart – From Zero to Hero is a platform to draw young children from the rural area to explore this promising career option. Saluddin believes that photographers can also be as successful as doctors and engineers in the country.


The project involves 20 to 30 series of free photography workshop for secondary school students from the rural and remote schools nationwide. The training includes 3 basic Jumpstart Photography modules; Theory, Practical and Phototalk – a session with prominent photographers on the business opportunities available. 




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