Semester break

What shall I do in order to make my semester break more interesting? Shall I get a job or shall I search for more wedding jobs? Hmmm….other than reading some local book by local writers and yes of cause i will be reading a book by Steve Harvey title Straight Talk, No Chaser ( perhaps I could write a review for each chapter for this book)

And what more I can do? Watching movie? Well that is not a good option since I am currently saving money to buy a new dslr lens that cost around 1.2K and also need to buy a battery grip, anther battery and also a Nissin flash. So I am not supposed to spend money on unnecessary stuff unless someone wants to pay for me. Hahaha I don’t think so.

Even though I have another two photo book pending, I still in my boredom and lazy zone. I’m not sure when will I go out from that zone. Haha! Silly me. Okay now. Off to bed. Good night and sweet dreams FdJd!



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