A Friend from Philippine


The batik design that we coloured together! yeaaaayyyy! Our first beautiful attempt ūüėČ


Painting time! Ofir, Izuan and me are colouring the batik.
We are trying to figure out how to make the tone colour with the paint that have been given to us.
And until the end of the colouring session we still could not figure out how to do the tone. LOL~


Sending Ofir to the airport.
Dear Ofir, please come back to Malaysia as soon as possible, I will bring you to Genting Highland and Malaka.
We will have so much fun taking street photography.
(oh, I look horrible!  Le Sigh)

Meet Ofir Crisologo from Quenzo City, Philippine (If I’m not mistaken). He came to visit Malaysia last month and I bring him to visit various part of Kuala Lumpur. Our first stop is Central Market or also known as Pasar Seni. Why did I bring him to Cantral Market? Just because that is my¬†favorite¬†¬†place to hang out during my¬†undergraduate¬†time.


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