Okay now lets move from Adele to Big Bang. Yes this is weird for me but no harm listening to new genre of music right?
Let’s analyze why do teenagers nowadays are so into this Korean music? After watching this music video, I kind of like the storyboard of the video. They have nothing much on the choreograph but the costume is SUPERB, the MAKEUP is SUPERB, the hair STYLE is SUPERB and the story line is interesting. KUDOS to the people behind he music video! Clap! Clap! Clap!

Obviously! the singers are good looking and that will the main ATTRACTION of the whole thing. If you want to sell your music you need to look good and good! LOL~ Well, nowadays people can market their product and services just by using their looks and a little bit of ‘art of persuasion’  (Basic marketing, well for me only)

A little bit about the group that I found in wikipedia (the most famous encyclopedia in this whole world), Bigbang is one of the South Korean band that was formed in 2006. So these guys have been in the music industry for about 6 years and they have grown to become the most successful Asian acts in the world.  Big Bang has been labelled as the “Revolutionary Group of Korean Music Wave” because of their unique urban-originated music and fashion style. During the early years their music were more to hip hop and then they move to electronic music and setting it as the new music trend in Korea. Well well, since they are very famous, obviously they will influence so many people around the world with their music and fashion.

Even my lecturer age around 50+ also know about the K-Pop culture and it was a total embarrassment for me to not knowing about this. LOL! The K-Pop culture can also be included in the Development Communication because … hmm… I’m not sure. Let me go and dig back my Development Communication notes afterwards.  And I will write more about the impact of K-Pop culture and development communication.



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