Moment to remember

I will always remember the moment, as in what happen during the picture was taken . And as for the picture below, I come across it while editing my friend’s (Shap) wedding pictures.  At this time, the photographer is teasing me because of my nose and my lens. He said that if people use 50mm lens, they are selfish because they only want their face to get all the focus. LOL! That is not true! I just love to use the 50mm because for me it is quite challenging because you have to move here and there because it is a fix lens. May be the photographer is toooooo LAZY to move backwards and take our picture. I could not stop laughing at this time because of the ridiculous explaination of the photog! LOL!

from left, the pengapit (I dont really remember her name) Thee Bride, me and Thee gorgeous Sarah Sulaiman
(credit to the unknown photographer that never stop teasing me for two days)


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