Reminiscing the past

1st line: Lyana, Sarah, Shap, Pengapit (could not recall her name. huhu) Wahida and her housemate.
2nd line:  Bawang, our Jr (Can’t remember his name as well) Zane and me

We are the proud IIUM theatre club members! (except for the brides-mate, Wahida, the girl wearing the specks and Sarah Jelita) Bawang, Lyana, Zane and me have know each other from our matriculation centre in PJ until we enter the Gombak main campus. Since there are not many people joining the IIUM Theatre Club (Well, it is International Islamic University Malaysia, what do you expect. ha!ha!ha!) so, every semester, the members will be the same people over and over again, well that is including me. Nearly every semester there will be theatre performance bu IIUM Theatre Club. The annual event will be English Theater Week and Nusantara Theater Week. SO, basically, Bawang will be the director and the trainer. Lyana will be the stage manager. And I will be the props master and my partner will be Azahar Mansor (the amazing architecture student. I can request anything from him and he will make it happened. I still remember that one day I asked him to make a ship on the stage and he said, I can do that! hahaha! I like to tease him. He is such a kind and sophisticated man) Other than the props master, I also will be the sound engineer (we call it sound engineer but I don’t compose the song and play it. I just need to google and download the song and play it during the performance)

I can really remember how many theatricals performance that I have involved in but as far as I concerned, during my undergraduate years, there will only be two position that I will hold, it is either props master or  secretary. Oh, miss the good old days so much. When we usually hang around, watching the actors practicing their line, doing their vocal practice and do some other fun activities. Also, not forgetting the moment when Bawang get really mad with the actors and he will be all sarcastic! And I MISS THAT SO MUCH! xx


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