UNICEF: Reproductive Health Education – Agenda Awani

Okay this is something something something hmmmmm~~ 

  • Dear host, do you really need to the the aha, eheem, hmmm, mmmm sound every one minute?
  • After all, Malaysian just love to classified taboo for the important thing is live such as sex education and HIV/AIDS education
  • Well, perception is not an easy THINGS to change and how are you planning to change the perception?
  • Yes you can measure using survey but how accurate is the measurement? Especially survey. In research method and statistics we are taught how to test the accuracy and obviously I can’t recall. Have to browse through my research method notes and books.
  • Teenagers don’t care about your objectives. The objectives you should be kept to yourself. That are you aim. That are the things that you want to achieve.
  • Passion is not enough to do things, you need to strategize and mush have plan A until Z. That is very necessary.
  • The main thing is going to be SUSTAINABILITY and  EFFECTIVENESS.
  • Curriculum obviously not enough.
  • Malaysian ignorance is AMAZING! LOL~
  • Culture and religion is one. You just can’t separate them. How do you change that? How are you going to get the message across?
  • Adult super vision is very important <—– that is very obvious!

Well, not everyone can walk the talk. Bare that in mind guys!

p/s: awk mmg selamba! hahah! that is interesting tau tak? hahah!


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