Fish Eye Lens

The end result

I want to buy this but I’m not sure about the band..hmmmm…

This is the basic principle of a fish-eye-lens (I guess)

After doing some browsing for the past two weeks. I have decided to buy a new lens and the price has to be approximately 1k to 1.2k. And after doing some Q&A with some camera experts from my FB page, I have decided to buy this lens. Even though they have suggested my other lens such as 85mm and others lenses (well I’m so bad at numbers, so don’t really remember the specification of the lenses that they mention to me)

Why should I buy this lens? Because I like the end result. I always wanted to buy the fisheye lomocam but don’t have the chance to due to money matters (Well, student like me don’t have that much amount of money! LOL~) I love the uniqueness of the picture captured by this kind of lens. As Fariq advice me 4 years ago, ‘Do invest in a very good dslr camera body and you can by the third party lenses’ (Yes, I know, I should not take for grated the quality of the lens. But, I will ask around how much is the cheapest price for this lens)

So, in a nut shell, I should do a deep deep deep thinking before deciding on buying this lens! Money never sleeps!



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