my new stuff for my new D60 boyfriend!

After selling my Canon 1000D stuff, I manage to buy all these stuff for my 60D. Since I am too lazy to purchase all these things at the camera shop. I have decided to purchase it online via they have a very good services. Before this, I would never purchase anything online, but after buying some stuff from Shashinki, I have change my perception towards buying online stuff also thanks a lot to Groupon for making my life easier. I bought a lot of things online and I feel very satisfy with all the services that I receive.

So, now the only thing that left in my DSLR Shopping list are fisheye lens and a secondhand nissin flash. I will not consider buying a new flash since I have a ‘love-hate-relationship’ with flash! I do not use flash that much and I do not know why I did that. May be I am used to the camera body only. Even though so many photography experts advice me to use flash while taking picture, but I just can adapt myself  with flash. LOL~ Yes, silly me. But rules are meant to be broken.



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