My Philippine Trip – The Jeepney


The Jeepney


It is a government vehicle 

ImageThe design of the jeepney is very colourful 


meet the handsome model, Izuan 😉

Jeepney is once called the Undisputed King of the Road because it was a symbol of creativity to Filipino. Well, in Indonesia they have angkutan and in Vietnam they have tut-tut as their famous public transportation and in Philippines, Jeepney is the most famous means of public transportation. Let’s go back in time a little bit, the jeepney was originally made from US military jeeps that have been left over from the World War II. It was famous because of the colourful and attractive design and colours. It is also considered as one of the Philippine culture. The Jeepney was created in order to introduce cheap public transportation. Due to the widely usage of this kind transportation, the government has began to regulate their use. Divers nowadays must poses specialized licences, regular routes and reasonable fixed fares. These is to ensure the consistency and to sustain the public transportation.

By the way, now they have many types of Jeepney based on generation. They have the first generation, the second generation and the future generation. The functions are still the same but they only change the design of the Jeepney.

I never get the chance to ride on this during my trip to Philippine. And obviously I will make sure I ride this on my next rip to Philippine and that will be somewhere in the middle of next year. Hopefully! Praying hard for that!



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