My Philippine Trip – Bee Farm in Baguio

Well, we all know that bees are the most hardworking insect, other than ants. People say that honey is the only food that never spoils. Honey is came from the nectar of plants that the honey bees extracted and deposits in their beehive.  In every country there will be only one queen, same goes to the beehive, in every beehive there will only be one queen. The easiest way to identify thee queen is definitely by thee figure of the bees. The queen bee will definitely looks a little bit different from the other bees. The queen bee will has the longest abdomen.

Basically, honey bees are well know of their unique way of communicating  through many different ways such as through chemicals and odorous, as in common insect. Moreover, some believed that honey bees signify immortality and resurrection. The bee is the heraldic attribute of the Barberini. (The Barberini family were originally a family of minor nobility from the Tuscan town of Barberino Val d’Elsa, who settled in Florence during the early part of the 11th century.)

Dan is explaining about the different types of bee that they have in the bee farm
(Previously he worked there, so he knows everything)


The worker is showing us the honey bee and the queen be. He even allowed us to taste the original honey from the beehive

Meet the charming Izuan Hazwarie. He is holding the beehive with a brave face (He’s scared actually! lol)

And this is the funny Mark.



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