Launching of National Youth Day 2010

Pictures below were taken during the launching of National Youth Day 2010. With the theme of creative and innovative youth as the platform to Malaysian economy. There was also performance by an indie band (I can’t recall the band name but they are really cute guys. haha) and also not forgetting there is also a drift demo.

Basically, I don’t have any idea why they should organize such an event because firstly it does not educate the youngsters, second, it is such a waste of money doing all this. This would not change the level of education and will not change the attitude of youngsters. Youngsters will waste a lot of time involving with this kind of events. They will just sit there and watch, and in the end of the day, what is the output that they get? What kind of knowledge that they will gain? What kind of experiences that they will get and will it be worth to use in their future life? It is really important to set the objective well so that it will bring benefits to the individual, to the society and also to the country!

Just my two cent! XOXO





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