Preach less and listen more

I just watch the video about ‘Save Maryam’ it is about a girl who might diverge and turn into Christianity. Well, I would say that we should not put the blame on other religion for doing their preaching. We as Muslims should reconsider our way of preaching (Lets agree to disagree)

  • In the video they mentioned that the people DO NOT understand Friday summons. Why? because they don’t use layman or easy to understand words. Before giving Friday summons, the people that is responsible should look into the level of education the society around them and should give the summon based on the people level of understanding. Should talk about something that society can relate to their daily life, or something that they can practice every single day. This situation is not only happening in Indonesia, Malaysia also is facing the same problem. Try to go and ask some random guys about what do they understand about the Friday summons and see what are their responses?
  • The Christianity even have helplines? How about people claiming that they are preaching about Islam but not listening to others? Basic psychology: people will listen to you if you listen to them first.
  • Feeling of love and support? <—- these is what youth really need. People who can support them in whatever they do and not people to critique them in every single action that they take.
  • Sense of belonging? <—- trust me when I say that youth in Malaysia DO NOT have this!
  • Should start at the grassroots level and obviously it will be mainly about lack of Islamic knowledge resulting to poor faith. What should Malaysian do in order to change this?
  • Should we start our own community helpline? Yes, we should. It is very important to connect with the people out there, especially Muslim youth. Why? because youth are easily influenced!
  • Obviously, we need to preach less and listen more! We need to pay attention on what youth have to say about their opinions on certain things and issues. We are not supposed to treat youth as little children because they know how to THINK! and they can give more reasonable and realistic solutions to certain issues. So, we should not take them for granted!



p/s: We are facing the same problem in Malaysia, but we do not realize about it since it haven’t reach the main stream YET. So, basically, before trying to solve other people issues, we SHOULD SOLVE our own problemo. I’m not saying that we should ignore the effort of #SAVEMARYAM thingy, BUT we should apply the solutions to Malaysian as we are facing quite a similar problem now. JUST MY TWO CENTS~~


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