My Philippine Trip – BenCab Museum

Well, I am NOT a big fans of history and museum. But, this time is I have a different feeling towards this BenCab museum. Why? because it is an art museum and mainly it is abstract art. Abstract art is my cup of tea (Sort of~~) Well, I always wanted to take art course and be a graphic designer, but that ambition has been buried long time ago because of my SPM result. Huhu, pity me! So, back to the arts that they exhibit in this museum, they have various types of abstract oil painting and the most interesting part is they create arts using recycle stuff.

The museum is composed of several galleries that house the permanent collection of Philippine National Artist Benedicto Cabrera (BenCab), his paintings, his collections of indigenous Cordillera art and the works of Filipino masters and contemprary artists.  (Source:

Everyday Objects exhibition where they exhibit objects that they made using everyday stuff, such as water bottle and plastics bags.
“Cordilera are recognized as ‘tribal art’ when they are antiques. If they are made from contemporary or waste materials, they’re merely crafts, fakes, or examples of culture decline – not art. Everyday objects asks the simple question,”Why not?” “

Recycle art

Recycle arts. They make a chair and a table out of empty used bottles. And my other models 😉 the lovely Yhen, the cute Wani and the charming Izuan 

This is a coffee grinder machine. Since I have coffee fetish, I feel like stealing this! LOL~

Yhen! 🙂

Our picture with the artist – Victor Oteyza


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