My Philippine Trip – Baguio City

On day 4, after travelling 3 hours from PhilRice (If I’m not mistaken)  we arrived at Baguio City around 11 am. The road us quite similar to Cameron Highland in Malaysia. Before we arrived to Baguio City, we stop by at the Lions Club members Baguio City. It is a landmark that is very synonym to Baguio. The 40 foot high lion head is located a few kilometers from the Kennon Road view deck. The club members thought of creating a symbol that would proclaim the the presence of them in this resort city.



This is a type of street food that they have in Philippine. I can’t recall the name but it is quite similar to TauFuFa in Malaysia. It is made of soya and brown sugar (I’m just guessing because I don’t know how to cook LOL)


1st picture: Pedestrians are not supposed to cross the road freely. They must use the pedestrian bridges to cross the road. Follow the rule or you will get a ticket! haha!

2nd picture: The community is currently fighting for an environmental issues.   The issue was about cutting off trees to build a shopping complex. And the community in Baguio is not happy about it. 

3rd picture: While reading one of the local newspaper at the hotel lobby. I come across to this interesting caption ‘Google them, if you care’ and I wonder what will happen if they wrote the same thing in Malaysia local newspaper? How many complains will the newspaper company get within 30 minutes. May be someone will get fired if they wrote this kind of caption in Malaysia local newspaper. Malaysian are good in being so sensitive to the unnecessary things. 

4th picture: I don’t know the road name but I love the graffiti design that they have there. Enough said, graffiti is universal and arts is universal. We can  be connected through culture and arts. 


They are selling street food and the second picture is the overview of one of the market that we went. It is situated near to our hotel.


This is their uptown / downtown (These is the terms Malaysian used for places like this) They sell bundle cloths and etcetra

The delicious strawberry

Baguio view

. . . TO BE CONTINUED . . .


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