Things I Learned From Video Games


Games I Made My Girlfriend Play

During my time at college, I received a birthday present from a good friend.  The gift was a poster; black and white, with the familiar image of Space Invaders running down the left border.  The bulk of this decoration was covered by a list of “Things You Learn From Video Games.”  Some of these nuggets of wisdom were that “if it moves, destroy it,” or to “eat all food that is lying on the ground” (solid advice).  This poster, and the bullet points contained upon it, were obviously meant as an inside joke to the electronic gaming community at large, and it served as a dorm room declaration of my love for gaming.  But this decoration, along with several other wall scrolls and posters, were removed and boxed away upon graduation.

So as Laura and I have been doing some Spring Cleaning and going through all the treasured keepsakes (read:…

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