My Philippine Trip – Philippine Carabao Center (PCC)

“Towards better nutrition, higher levels of income and improved general well-being of the overwhelming sector, the rural farming families… through the conservation, propagation and promotion of water buffalo as important source of milk and meat, in addition to draft power and hide.”

This is the vision of Philippine Carabao Centre (PCC). It is an agency that is attached with the Department of Agriculture and was created in 1992. They promote the carabao in the Philippines as a multi-use animal that can be raised for milk, meat, and etc. The carabao development includes conservation of water buffalo’s genetic biodiversity for long term and sustainable development.

The centre also aim to maximize the genetic processing through cross breeding of riverine buffaloes with the local buffaloes (We can call this a localization process) this breeding aims to optimize performance for milk and meat (Well, people say that crossbreeding is a good moves because we are combining good things together in order to make it better). Moreover, PCC had some success in reproductive biotechnology in 2004 when the first test-tube buffalo was born on April 5, also the birthday of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The test-tube buffalo is a female and was named as “Glory” after the President.

The carabaos or also known as water buffalos are important to the farmers because they are not only being used as an animal that helps the farmers for farming, but the R7D effort from PCC help address technology and policy gaps. Furthermore, it will overcome the constrain in building a more efficient and profitable buffalo-based enterprise. PCC also helps the farmer with the breeding of the buffalo that farmers have and they are also giving guidelines to the farmers on how to take care of the buffalo accordingly.

For further information, kindly visit

The officer is giving us a brief explanation about the centre and how they operates

The Carabao


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