Photography Competition for Higher Learning Institutions

Photography Competition for Higher Learning Institutions

To all the students out there, join this competition and show your talent! No point keeping your camera in the closet anymore. haha!

Basically the competition require you to take pictures of the historical places that you have here in Malaysia. They divided the competition into two category. First, Historical buildings and second is historical places in Malaysia. Obviously, the pictures must be your pictures and must be original. Have to print the pictures in 5R size and also need to send the softcopy of the pictures taken to the organizer. The due date is on the 20th SEPTEMBER 2012. But they didn’t mention anything about the PRICE! ohhhh… could themmmm… Well, may be we should visit the official webpage and search for the price first and if the price is worth it, then we submit our pictures. Haha!

For further information kindly visit or you can also email them for inquiries at

I will definitely join this competition since I have so many free time during my looooooooooooooooooooong semester break.



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