My Philippine Trip – PhilRice Tapuy Rice Wine

In Philrice they are not only focusing on rice farming, but they also have other product that they produced from rice, such as Tapuy (rice wine). It is a natural fermented alcoholic beverage made from cooked glutinous rice and a starter culture locally (by the Philippine) known as bubod.

Traditionally, the tapuy rice wine does not last long depends on the processing method, thus it is not popular commercial product in Philippine. Thanks to Philippine Rice Research institute (PhilRice), after 15 years of research, Tapuy production has improved tremendously. It took six years of processing of tapuy rice wine to get a good result, especially a long lasting product. Now, the rice wine is transparent in colour and full-bodied. It has a strong alcoholic flavour but moderately sweet. To be exact, the alcohol content is about 14%. The new product by PhilRice can last for about six months to one year.



Pictures were taken in PhilRice, Tapuy processing laboratory

For further information, kindly visit:


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