My Philippine Trip – Central Luzon State University (CLSU)

After finish the touring at PCC, we went to Central Luzon State University (CLSU). We were brief by Professor Ben Domingo Jr. He is one of the professors in the Education Management centre in CLSU. He shares with us how development communication being taught in the university and he highlighted that in the university they are not only being taught about development communication in terms of agriculture only but also development related to health, communication, education and so on. Moreover, he added that in CLSU matters are learnt, students have to go out and interview the farmers and the respective people. They are introduced to effective learning, a bottom up method. They are trying to get out from the traditional way of teaching and learning. They want to see the development communication in the farmers’ perspective. CLSU encouraged the people to voice out their opinion. Development is not outsourced; it is from the insight and must be from the people (farmers or others) itself. There is no one meaning for development communication. They also have been working together with C4D, Communication for Government Development. UNSECO communication.


The speaker – Professor Ben Domingo


Prof. Ben G. Domingo Jr. of Central Luzon State University as chair of the CHEd Technical Committee for Journalism (TCJ). He was also named as member of the CHEd Technical Panel for Social Sciences and Communication (TPSSC). Domingo, a faculty member of CLSU Department of Development Communication, will serve his posts for a two-year period ending Dec. 31, 2013. He was a member of the TCJ for the past six years and the Technical Panel for Communication, Journalism and Broadcasting (TPCJB) for the past year. Moreover, Domingo is a member of board of directors and the immediate past vice president of Philippine Association of Communication Educators. He is also a regular resource speaker in national, regional, and local conferences. Source from:


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