Revoke the logo

30th July – With reference to the news that I read from Malaysian Insider webpage, they highlighted that the government has decided to revoke the current National Day logo. Most of Malaysian think that it was a very wise moved by the government because they have received lots of criticism on the logo design.

But the reason given by the minster in-charge of revoking the the logo was quite, I don’t know how to describe it hmmm….may be it quite immature I might say. He said that the logo was just an interlude and NOT THEE official logo. And if I’m not mistaken, in the history of Malaysia Independent Day celebration, we never had this kind of interlude or what so ever. Well, people have issues…let just skip the ‘reading between the lines’ part.

Basically now they have already revoke the so-called artwork thingy and it was a relief when the government is listening to the people opinion about the logo design. I can see the light of democracy in the end of the tunnel. And so what’s next? What will happen to the new new new logo? Will it be better from the previous one or worst? We shall wait and see.

The interesting part of this logo controversy,  Kukubesi Manipulasi (KB) has decided to organize a logo design competition and the feedback that they get was awesome. Over 500 participants have submitted their logo design and now the voting session has begin. KB has already sort out a total of 243 logos from the 500 logos and now the voting session has begin. We just wait and see who will be the winner for this competition. Even the media people reported about this online competition in one of the local newspaper.

from the Sun newsapaper (30th July 2012)

I love this design so much! 😀

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