Away We Happened – Ep 1

“Away We Happened” is a new and unique web series where you help decide what happens! Wong Fu Productions (Wes, Ted, and Phil) has teamed up with AT&T and their friends Victor Kim and Jen FrmHeadToToe for this one of a kind project!”

First, Victor looks different. Well I can say that he look far more handsome than before. May be because hmmm I don’t know, but he look different.

Secondly, the starting of the story is kind-da typical because they accidentally exchange their luggage, accidentally met in a coffee shop, and coincidentally Victor has to go to LA for four days. That is so predictable! Well, I could predict what will happen next. They will FALL IN LOVE and the ending be they lived happily ever after and bla, bla, bla….? is it? or is it not? mmm lets watch what happen next and hopefully my prediction is wrong.

p/s: Please prove me wrong! LOL


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