Away We Happened – Ep 6 – Finale

Well, the ending is quite a cliche and love story supposed to be sweet, yes, this short episodes are very sweet and cute and awesome and … and … and…! VK friend’s is very funny! Haha! I have to say that, guys, please watch the whole videos.

But the part that I like the most will be at the 2:00 mins.

F: And your strategy is to ran away every time there’s any trouble?
V: It is not perfected yet, yeah something along those line
F: Just because you’ve been burn once before okay it’s not, twice, three times. Man you really do need make better relationship choices
V: And that’s what I’m trying to do by walking away from gin…
F: NO! There’s differences between stupid decisions and stupid reactions. I don’t want you to ignore this girl for weeks and miss out on something really good just because of a misunderstanding. Look we all been hurt before, but if you treat every potential relationship like the last one you had, its bound to fail.
V: And that’s what I’m doing?
F: Look at me, I just got burn big time but does that mean that I’m going to give up on bronzing
V: Yeah you’ve probably should.

Okay! Okay! Fine! I will say it – I LOVE the ending! So Sweet! LOL~

p/s: I can’t linger in the past if I want to move forward


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