Sheikh Firas


I went to one of the lecture by one of the Sheikh (can’t recall his name) and coincidentally met Sheikh Firas and I was quite late at that time but I get to listen to bits of his lecture. He was talking about The Holy Quran and he speaks fully in Arabic and there is a translator translating everything that he said in Malay because most of the students attended were Malay.

He said that:

  • You will get more reward if you being submissive to your husband rather than just reading the Holy Quran (Well, basically, you must read the Holy Quran every single day and there is no doubt about it. But at the same time, you must also serve your husband. Your husband is the priority as long as he don’t ask you to do something beyond the teaching of Islam) 
  • One must read the Holy Quran even though he/ she recite it wrongly (People just love to say that he/she is not good in reading the Holy Quran but one thing for sure, Allah know your intention) 
  • It won’t be consider as reading the Holy Quran if your are reading the translation (It is okay if you don’t understand the meaning of the Quranic verses that you read. The main purpose is to read the Holy Quran) 
  • Who ever read the Holy Quran with hardship (stammering all the way) you will get two kinds of reward from Allah, which is the reward of  reading the Holy Quran and the second one is the reward for the effort that you put in reading the Holy Quran.


Allahu alam bissawab


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