My Philippine Trip – Nayong Pilipino sa Clark II

At the Nayong Pilipino sa Clark is also a park that represent  various miniature-versions of the Philippines and its culture. This place is divided into numerous geographically-sectionalized display areas. Visitors will find depiction of various regions and each region represented by the building, landmark structure. Moreover, some of the Philippines famous hero’s and political figures residences are also featured in this facility. We can say that this place consist of all the compilation history of Philippine.

Barasoain Church Replica

The Aetas live in the northern part of The Philippines on the island of Luzon. The Aetas are still among the most skilled anywhere on Earth in jungle survival. This skill was not overlooked by the US military. During the American war in Vietnam, the US naval base at Subic Bay was conveniently located close to the Aeta village of Pastolan. Many Vietnam veterans were trained in jungle survival here before they ever went to Vietnam.

The Ifugao Village and about the Filippino native which known as Aeta. They are the nomads and they preferred to live in the mountains even the government has provided them a place to stay, but they refuse to accept it because they feel more comfortable to live as a nomad/ Moreover, they also have trouble adapting to the lifestyle in the lowlands. Additionally, they usually make musical instruments and weapons that made of bamboo and they will sell it to other people. That is one of their sources of income.

Some other minuter places that they have in Nayong Pilipino:

Pampangan’s Past

Early man haunted and settled in areas along rivers and strems and coastlines, near sources of water and food. The name Pampangan connotes “settlements in the river bank”. Material evidence had shown that early inhabitants exploited the environment to manufacture tools necessary for his survival and ornaments as as expression of his religious belief as part of his quest to be member of a curturally complex society

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