Tip of day: z7 “You think you can to do PhD!” (Dr. Zul)

I copied this very useful information from Dr. Zulhamri Abdullah Facebook page. He  was one of my lecturer from the previous semester teaching Organization Communication. I guess this is one of the valuable information that one should take into account

Tip of day: z7 – You think you can to do PhD!

If you are qualified (e.g. CGPA 3.50), anyone can do phd. BUT most top universities in US/EU will do strict selection process. Today, in UPM, we set oral prstn&interview for shortlisted applicants. Qualify is not enough.

Step 1: prepare proposal. (it should show high level of your research competency)
Step 2: find supervisor who works in your area of interest
Step 3: set meeting with him/her (i) to discus your proposal seriously; (ii) to get early approval from him/r orally; (iii) To ask him/r to be your referee.
Step 4: attend interview/oral prstn (*your potential supervisor presence is required to support u)
Step 5: Q & A (testing your commitment, attitude, passion, competency, experience, financial & future)
Step 6: Wait for 2 weeks to get a surprising result. Fingers crossed.

P/S: If you fail to get a place at one of the Research University, try less competitive program like education or history or less competitive institution.

#Dare to dream said Tony. Glad to keep Tony’s cap as my aspiration. Wake up! Join me now LIVE.


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