Zakat Al-Fitr

Don’t Forget About Zakat Al-Fitr:

1- Every Muslim young or old, male or female, is responsible for giving approximately three kilograms of a staple item (rice, pasta, flour, etc…) before the Eid prayer, as long as they have food for that night and day. It is recommended to even donate on behalf of the fetus.

2- This needs to be given as food and not as money. However, you can give it to an organization as money and they can deliver the food. If giving money you will want to give it soon so that the organization can deliver the food before the Eid prayer.

3- The recipient should be from the Muslim destitute or the poor and needy. It is preferable to give to family first. If not then in the local community before outside of the local community.

Please share for furthering your reward and educating the community.


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