It’s been 60 years ago
Since we started out this war
The rights that we fighting for
It’s been a long and winding journey
But we have made it all this far
And so we got to keep on caring

Cos what we did yesterday
Has change the world of today
And so we got to move till tomorrow

And if the issues rise again
We gonna fight until the end
For we don’t want to live in sorrow

Verse 2
Have you ever feel a sense of generosity?
Have you ever seen a child die of HIV?
Have you ever been outside of democracy?
Been to places where human rights are never seen?

Now would you volunteer for a kind a mega team?
Worthy for the cause of an evergreen
Hope to help ourselves from this terror thing
Make our world a better place like we ever dreamed

Cos life is a gift and everyone deserves its package
Generate together now we repair all the damage
Yes we ah go manage, Influence the government decision now we ah go build out of courage.
It’s all about the vantage
Let us make advantage
Cau we no want more massive death we’ve been passed the carnages
Well this a new age, a new made passage
One day all this negativity will soon vanish yeah!

We are one
We are one big family

*Taken from https://www.facebook.com/firdausjusdean/notes


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