my first foot massage

After attending the third day of ‘On Job Training’ (OJT) at Petrosains which was yesterday, I decided to go for a foot massage. At first I was very afraid that it might be painful. And yes, it was very and super painful because I have stiff muscle at my right side foot. Gossshhhhh it was really painful, I did scream a bit during the massage session. But, after a while, I get used to it. And the masseuses laughing all the way because I was making a lot of silly facial expression! haha! Silly me! She also asked me either I want to do a full body massage, and I replied, NO THANKS! I don’t want to end up screaming even louder. Just imagine how loud would I scream if she does a full body massage?! Hahaha~ I don’t think so! And after finish massaging my foot, she offered for a shoulder massage, and of cause at first I freak out and immediately said NO! But, she persuaded me and said that it will not be painful. Huhu~ obviously she’s lying lol~ it was SUPER PAINFUL!! She said that I have stiff muscle in half part of my body (or maybe my whole body) Well, I still screaming when she did the shoulder massage as well.  Hmmmm….may be because of the standing or too many walking. Or maybe I’m just stress out. Or maybe….hmmmm I have no idea~ And definitely I will go to that  foot massage again even though it will be very painful, and the next time I have to be more prepared to face the pain.

It was an AWESOME experience and after I’m fully prepared, I would go for the full body massage. But, not anytime soon. Lol~ xoxo


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