while waiting

Lets write nonsense hahaha. Now I’m chillin out at Oldtown near my brother’s school. Oldtown is my favourite place to hangout because of the interior design and of cause the coffee! I love the Oldtwon white coffee that they serve here. Well, I have to wait for him to finish his last paper for Peperiksaan Menengah Rendah (PMR). His last paper will be Kemahiran Hidup and that is my favourite paper during my schooling time. I always score that paper. Why? Because it is more to hands-on learning and not much of a memorization paper. So, for me that is fun. Also in that paper there will be lots of pictures and that is the reason why I love it.

Out of sudden, I have find my self reading and that is a miracle. Why? Because I hate reading (other than in class reading material. Have no other option, have to read it either I like it or not) Previously during my undergraduate time, I even fail my world literature paper because I am too lazy and too busy to read the two novels assigned by my lecturer (my beloved and adorable Prof Qayyum. He is an awesome lecturer that I had ever meet) The two novels that I skipped reading was The Guide and I don’t remember the other one. But during the class I only read all the short stories given because obviously it is SHORT. hahaha~ I hate draggy story. But after failing World Literature subject and after retaking the subject, my roommate has forced me to read both of the novels and I find both of the novels are very interesting to read because they talk about culture and custom.
Well, recently I have started reading again and I have begins with Yasmin Ahmad’s biography title ‘Yasmin Ahmad How You Know’. ‘How You Know’ is her favourite phrase. Than I move to Selut Press book title Sepuluh Ribu (Ten Thousand) , follow by Tiket ke neraka (Hell Tickets), Bukan dari jibril (Not from Gabriel), Nakal (Naughty) and the last one is Kitab sang Cupid (I don’t know how to translate the title lol) I still haven’t open one of Fixi book, it is a compilation of short stories by Nadia Khan. Going to read it sooooooon….But I don’t know when. Haha!


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