Conceptual paper

Can’t sleep yet because I’m struggling for my conceptual paper. Well, the main reason for the struggle will obviously be procrastination! LOL! and I’m stuck with the one credit hour subject. Let me explain a little bit about my conceptual paper that I’m working on will be mainly about education and as what I’ve being told, the paper will be publish. At first I’m planning to do about ‘edutainment in Malaysian context’ and after a consultation session with my lecturer, he said there is no development element in that topic, yes there is an element of ICT in it since I will be talking about edutainment or also known as education-entertainment. Well, when it comes to Dr Nizam, he will try his level best to persuade his students to write a research paper even though we are in week 7 and have another 5 weeks to go (5 weeks won’t be enough for me to run a survey even though he suggested to me to do a quantitative survey since I have already have a list of respondents)

So now I will stick to the ICT for education development topic and the my main sources will be from UNESCO and International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) hmmm…Since I’m not good with writing things accordingly, I’ve compile the information that I got into the sub-topics. So, the sub topics will be as follow:

  • What is ICT – in the first part I will be explaining about the society understanding on information communication technology and how we need to change the understanding of ICT is computers into ICT is actually technologies which include mobile phone, radio and television
  • How can ICT be closely related to education and how can ICT change the traditional pen and paper way to educate into something more interesting? For example, education-entertainment, sesame street.
  • How people can benefits from ICT and education? Does ICT help enhancing the education or it jeopardize the education itself?
  • And lastly I will elaborate on how can Malaysia benefits from the ICT in education development from other developing countries.

For the time being, I have only that on my mind. Lets work it out and see how it goes. If you have any suggestion on how can I develop the sub topic, kindly drop your comments in the comment box! I really appreciated it!



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