Making beautiful pictures of people (Part One) by Eddie Putera

EPPeople nowadays are very use to thumbnails. So, as a photographer you must know how to make people stop, click, enlarge, look and feel your pictures. That is the most crucial part in photography. It doesn’t matter whether it is a landscape photography, portraiture, architecture and etc.

What is photography? It is about pictures, lighting and etc. Fortunately, everyone can get this right (You can easily google it and get all the explanations and memorize it) but how about when it comes o hands on part? Can you pull it off? Well, go back and look at your previous pictures and compare it. Should ask people to critique sincerely because you can learn a lot for the mistakes that you did. But not everyone is dare to be condemn buy other people either from an expert or from a normal people.

What if we use visual to express so that people can communicate —–> people can understand your expression – people will listen to you

Clear and concise – be clear about what you want to tell your viewer. Always think about the viewer that will look at your picture

Before pressing the shutter – ASK YOURSELF – why am I taking this picture? What do I want to share photography is a form of EXPRESSION

In order to speak properly you need to learn the language and learn the skill to attract people.

To make beautiful pictures you need to learn the techniques and the skill to attract people.

For example, people can always but maggie curry but when they cook it you might add some extra ingredient to make it taste better – same goes to photography

Talk given by Eddie Putera at the WPPM 2012 – Time of my life. Meet’s the pro
4th November 2012
picture was taken from Eddie’s FB page


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