Making beautiful pictures of people (Part Two) by Eddie Putera

Not only in writing essay we need a structure, but in composing pictures we also need to have a structure as well. Your pictures structure have to be a combination of these elements:

  • High contrast – use the graphical structure to catch the eye of our viewers – people are different, BUT we share some common visual elements. People tend to be deceptive in high contrast pictures
  • Bright areas
  • Colour contrast – Contrasting colour will attract the viewer better. It’s like putting the ingredient
  • Human eyes wil always attracted to the sharpest part of a picture
  • Geometrical forms – lines, shapes,
  • Texture

What it takes to make beautiful a portrait is there is NO SHORTCUTS + A LOT OF PRACTICE

Other than that in order to get a good picture, you have to

  • Contextual
  • Equipment needed
  • Lighting Interaction with your sitter
  • Post process
  • Produce art work

Talk given by Eddie Putera at the WPPM 2012 – Time of my life. Meet’s the pro
4th November 2012


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