PART 1 – The 21st century corporate communicator a public relations technician or strategist?

* The talk was given by Aisha Rashid at FBMK, UPM on the 11th October 2012. She is the Principal Consultant / Chairman of Samenea PR Sdn Bhd. 


Corporate Communication in the 21st century is mainly objectives driven. Firstly, it is all about what do you want to achieve? What is your self-target? The management itself has to be driven by objectives that you can measure it. For example, if you are organising an awareness event how do you measure the awareness and by when do you need/expected time to measure the level of awareness? Perhaps, you need something more realistic to begin with.

Secondly, you have to bear in mind that what cannot be measure, could not be manage. It is crucial to have a six-months assessment and audience segmentation. You some how need to figure things out if the tools that you currently using are not working. Besides, press release is one of the most important tools and you should have many not only one press release. Which comes to the point that media relations are very crucial when it comes to Corporate Communication in the new millennium.

Other than that, you have to also take into account that one size does not fit all and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a corporate philanthropy. People might look at CSR as a revolution of the Corporate Communication but it is not. CSR is mainly about how the company connects with the communities, which also are the stakeholders. Manipulative communication is so 80’s and 90’s. In the current situation the media Furthermore, Corporate Communicator should also take into account about the economic and business issues.

Communication is essential. Go and learn about business, talk about business, be smart and strategic and need to know about investors relation. In order to be an effective corporate communicator you must be a strategic player. As a corporate communicator you need to be a boundary spreader and need to be someone that know everything about the subject matter and yes, please be bold, but in the most appropriate way.

Repertoire is a vital skill that a corporate communicator should have. He should know how to write and edit what he wrote. Need to know the design essence, speaking and listening. Besides, strategic thinking, research and management are also one of the many key skills that a communicator should have.



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