PART 2 – The 21st century corporate communicator a public relations technician or strategist?

* The talk was given by Aisha Rashid at FBMK, UPM on the 11th October 2012. She is the Principal Consultant / Chairman of Samenea PR Sdn Bhd. 

…Continuation from PART 1

Corporate Communicator roles

  • Public relations
  • Investor communication
  • Community communication
  • Government communication
  • Internal communication
  • Marketing communication (Branding)
  • Crisis communication
  • Executive advisor (Concise message)
  • Relationship manager (Company and customer)

Other than the roles, management by objectives also is important. What is your Public Relations plan? Is your event is tangible or not? Where is the position of your message? Also have to look into the four factors of production, which are land, entrepreneur, capital and communicator. NOTHING CAN HAPPEN IF YOU DON’T COMMUNICATE.

As a corporate communicator, one must remember that CSR is about education and sustainability and it is not a one-day event. Besides, licensing is also important to get recognition from the society and not only that Chartered Institute of Public Relation (CIPR) is managing the reputation of a company. Last but not least, bear in mind that publicity is what you do to get the message across and the most effective way to get the message across is by the new media. And not forgetting that corporate advertising is the tools of public relations.


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