The longest 17 months

Oh, this is unbelievable! I just can’t believe it that I’m nearly and almost done with my master (Well, I still have to wait for my final semester result) Now I’m done with my MA and I’m officially jobless and hopeless without money. LOL~

And I have suffered for the whole four months of my final semester, with IMC and STCC. I have suffered a lot with that two particular subjects and not forgetting I screwed up my comprehensive examination.

I have learned a lot from my IMC group mates, from them I learned NOT to trust people and group work DOES NOT work with the wrong people. Sometimes it is better to work alone and ask others opinion about the task given, no sorry. Not sometimes, it is ALL THE TIME! Some people just don’t care, as long as they can take advantage over you. Well, I guess I learn it the hard way. Don’t expect people to do good to you for no reason. However, thanks a lot for all the bad and sad memories. All that I get from my MA is only bad memories. MA is even worst if compared to my undergraduate. Even though I failed lots of paper during my undergraduate time, but I treasure every bit of it. And I hate my postgraduate time.

Enough hatred cause it will not change anything. That only thing that I have to do now is find a job with a good salary. Even though I already have two part time jobs, but I still need to find one proper fulltime job that can ensure my future. For the time being, before I get any official job I have to edit a lot of wedding and I have a lot of blog post to write so … stay tune! xoxo

p/s: I am happy that I’ve made it. Have to wait for October for the official convocation ceremony. Hopefully everything will run smoothly. Please pray for my well being you kind readers! May God bless you.


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