My screwed up story

hmmm I didn’t know which part that I screwed up either their part when I decided to cramp five subjects including my comprehensive examination in one semester or I screwed up when it comes to being mad too much?

Well, when I registered for too many subjects I won’t have enough time to do things especially when it comes to studying for the final examination. Since they only have two weeks of examination week not like the undergraduate time we have nearly a month for the final examination , that might be a possible factor of all the cramp. And the main thing is I do not manage my time well. I should be studying rather than spending my free time working part time. BUT, I did not work during November and December. Hmmm….then what is the main problem here?

Time management will always be the issue here. I did study but I don’t quite really understand what I’m studying. May be I’m just a slow learner that need to do lots of reading and revision from time to time. What I really feel is I did not study enough and I did not study hard enough in order to excel in my final examinations. I should start studying a month before the CE examination even though I have tons of assignment to be completed. I guess the main problem is wrong strategy has ruin my final semester grades and there is nothing that I can do about it other than move on. So I guess I did screwed up my undergraduate and my postgraduate.

Lesson learned and life must go on! xoxo


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