my so-called mind mapping


I get this idea while I was working. This is basically for my imaginary-phd-proposal. HAHA! So, this is how it will go; I want to combine between ICT for Development and socioeconomics development. How will it be improve? And does it really will improve the society economic state? Or is it either will improve one part and will destroy the other? We will never know what will happen until we try right? But is it worth trying? Hmmm….It depends… If we focus more on socioeconomics, what will happen to our values and heritage. Well, we can see what is happening to our world today when ICT take charge, it’s like when in Spiderman, at first he is a good spiedy and than he turns into an evil spiedy due to some evil force. The technology enhancement should be something positive that will enable human to improve their life in a long run.

But eventually I lost my way in the middle of the thinking and brainstorming process. HAHA!


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