Jobless in not fun at all

Now I’m in the most complicate phase in my life which is finding a suitable job for me and my qualification. Yes, I know I should not be choosy but still at some point we have to set our own benchmark. Do not expect me to work in a call centre or in the customer service line when I have a master. I do not sweat that much just to answer calls and talk infront of the computer. It is not about being choosy, it is about being selective and the main reason for me to pursue my study is to get a better position and a better salary. And I am well aware that qualification is not enough for me to stand alone in the industry, it is really crucial for me to get some experience before gettig a propoer job. But still, I need to start somewhere that is acceptable by my parents. I still have to take their approval into consideration before deciding about anything. I have already applied for a job in 40+ companies, but still no respond. So, I guess, patient is the key now! haha!


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