Work and relationship

ImageYou should know that your relationship is not worth the time when there is no development. It is like you are working in the same company, with the same position and the same salary for five or seven years. You are not going any where with your work same goes to your relationship. So think about it and stop wasting your time. Go and write your resignation letter now now now and go and find a new job (or a new relationship) even it will take a long time to find a suitable one but at least you are not wasting your time to something that is uncertain. Your work should be fun, as people said, ‘If you love your work you don’t work for a single day’. And same goes to your relationship, if you love your other half you don’t have to commit or to be loyal for a single day because you know what should you do for the one you love. Things will come naturally if you know what I mean.



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