Women Behind The Lense: The Event


In conjunction with the International Women’s Day and featuring photo captures by eight amazing women photographers. They are Angela Lee, Sharon Oh, Niney Azman, Lee Seesy, Carmen Phang, Ai Ting, Shuhada Hasim and Salmah Kassim. Each and every pictures displayed have their own story behind it and the one that interest me the most are the pictures captured by Salmah Kassim. She is specialized in macro floral photography (something that is really related to women) but for the exhibition, she has presented something beyond someone expectation when she revealed the other side of her. The pictures were taken from the KLCC rooftop. She shoots the pictures of people doing parachute jumping from the rooftop. Someone must be prepared mentally and physically to do that kind of shoot. The height of the twin tower building is 452m and it has 88 floors and she was standing on top of that building to capture the amazing moment of people jumping with their parachute. That is just mind-blowing. I will not do that even if somebody offers me 10K to do it. I don’t have any fear of height but I don’t want to die young. LOL! The second most interesting part of the showcase is one of the photographer’s story where she get a new DSLR camera after giving birth to her child and that is just sweet.


Pictures were taken from https://www.facebook.com/d7refinery. The refinery FB page.


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